Breaking feeble bones

Crushing good intentions

Stomping on your faith

Comes Babylon


From the ashes to the sky

Crack the heart wide open

Feel the thousand golden butterflies

Fly through your soul

Up to the sky

Into the universe full of light

And back into your soul to stay

Then the last tear of happiness

Drips from the third eye

You have seen the divine wisdom

You have walked into the darkest forests of confusion

You have come out weak

You will walk into them again and again

And on the 21st time you will see

The light shimmering at the horizon

So clear, so far, so vivid

Pulsating the brightness and ringing the truth

Like the poetry of the air

You breath it

I am the definition of contradiction.

I am the angel of light and the ever learning fallen rebel spirit found by its mother

floating down the river of polluted thoughts.

I am the one who calls for wisdom,

Struggles alone,

Leaps through fires,

Pains the peace,

Never quits,

Never changes,

For anyone,


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