Black waters of life are swirling in the sky above, washing off the old and cold layers of karmic weight. Waters so fresh and deep, so wise and clear, they are falling down on us as rain drops turning our skin invisible, opening our hearts towards liberation from all we’ve ever known. The drops of brilliance, they sparkle in the tears of happiness rolling down our cheeks. There’s no reason to hide, we are transparent, our souls are dancing in the circle of burning life force, connecting with each other through the bonds of love and compassion, colliding at last, intertwined till the end.

There’s no end and no beginning, there is just now. Grasp the crisp freshness of now, taste its silky texture, devour the realization that we are all made of light. We are traveling lights sending and receiving signals from the source. We were split up just to connect back again but not till we go through the ages of wisdom, penetrating through the physical realms, human bodies, mother earth, father sun, big dream called life. There comes a time of the awakening. The time is now. There is no time. We are free. We are one big breath of the universe.

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