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Anya Skidan,  singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. (classical piano, guitar, ukulele, Abelton live).

ARTIST STATEMENT & VISION: Every life that is audible is visible also. When making art, I intent to paint a picture for the listener that uplifts, inspires, beautifies and liberates human spirit.  From the place of pure joy and positivity I create, combining together the 5 vital energies of water, fire, air, earth and ether; the scale of seven notes; and universal wisdom as a product of my very own life experience. By focusing upon a higher goal of benefiting all, the lyrical content of my music flows from the source of all creation, at times ahead of my own understanding. Having been a classical pianist since age 5, my objective is to master all music to the point of complete apprehension while addressing the concerns of the current generation through it. Extraordinary sensitivity to the world enables me to reflect the tiniest nuances of raw human emotion through the power of sound. My ultimate goal is to empower human spirit through music. I am dedicated to putting the profits in motion by building a self-sustainable living model that assists people in getting financially independent through educating self-reliance strategies and obtaining land.
Being a prolific writer,  I constantly produce large quantities of material. My music  combines a great variety of styles from classical to traditional blues, rock, folk and world music pioneering a whole new genre that captures the heartbeat of our generation.
Being a singer-songwriter for now 2.5 years, I have performed both solo and with a full band in numerous cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Boulder, New Orleans and many more. I have self released two albums ( and currently have enough material for 3 more waiting to be recorded. In January-March of 2012 I organized a self-funded tour, had a recording session with Daytrotter, played SxSW and CMJ 2012 festivals, and Best of NYC 2013, on air radio performances, as well as getting positive album reviews by several NYC music publications.


By giving careful attention to the combinations of harmonies, melodies and lyrical content the soul creates. The ultimate goal is to make songs for generations ahead.  While the sound may be unconventional, the energy behind it is universal; trying to create a world for the listener where they can escape the hardships of reality, elevate their spirits, hear an occasional word of wisdom, and share and relate to the most basic, primal aspects of human emotion.


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